• Spam Attack - How to moderate comments

    Dear Bloggers,

    we are trying to remove as many spammers as possible at the moment.

    We kindly ask you to temporarily moderate your comments if you keep on getting spam comments:

    Also, please keep on report spammers to the team, writing an email to:


  • Maintenance

    Hi everyone,
    we are carrying out some maintenance work on our IT systems, if over the next few days you notice any feature not working as expected, please leave a comment here explaining the issue.
    Thanks for your patience!

  • Spam

    At the moment we are deleting all posts and blogs that are obviously spam. Please do not use the same words like the spammer. If you have entries about the spam with the same words you should remove them quick. Please share this advice with all your blog-friends.


  • twitter

    Twitter has change the API so we must fix the automatic posting. We are working on that at the moment.


  • hacker attack is over for now.

    Hello dear blogger,

    Thursday night our server was paralyzed by a hacker attack. We were able to fend off the attack but the hacker started again and today we had a complete halt on our servers.

    At the moment the server to recovering from the attack. But it can come in longer loading times when changing entries or making comments.

    Unfortunately we could not inform you before on this blog, because we could not access the platform very well. Therefore we wrote on Facebook and Twitter.

    We are sorry that we could not reach all users to let them know whats going on. Unfortunately, a mail delivery was not possible.


  • we are back

    Dear bloggers,

    as you have already noticed, the sites are back online and all blogs are accessible.
    At the moment the servers are still starting, thats why not all images or other media are visible.

    Also the upload isn't working at the moment.

    Please have a little patience.
    Thank you,


  • Downtime!

    Hello community,

    we have to inform you that the Data center provider wich are hosting our servers have asked us a maintenance window for urgent work on the energy systems.

    Thats why tomorrow at the 16.04 will be impacted for a downtime.

    We will have one person on site that day and we will do everything is possible to keep the outage as short as possible, but we expect an interruption the whole day.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.
    If you have any questions about this, please let us know in a comment below.

    Many best regards,

  • new ad format

    Dear Community,

    we wanted to let you know we will be launching a new ad format on for Free users. This is a video solution that will load for all Free users after they have logged into the site. The video will load with a message.

    In order to help us maintain as a free service to our members please select a video below. The videos will be skipable but the message will load for all free member on only.

    This video service comes up once every seven days. This solution is being used to help us maintain the service as free to all users.

    Many best regards,


  • Great time for in sight! - A message from the new CEO of Populis Germany

    Hello community,

    First of all we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2013.
    My name is Marc Marienfeld, the new CEO of Populis Germany and therefore also of

    I am very pleased to see that the community of is lively active and shows a constant interest in the platform.

    As you might know, Populis acquired, which belonged to a company based in Berlin called Mokono. The transition from Mokono to Populis has provided us with a some challenges, the teams had to be restructured and the products adapted to new strategies. Therefore, we have had a slightly slower restart - as with any corporate acquisition - perfectly acceptable and unfortunately quite normal.

    The active community of bloggers at is a reason of pride for us. Since we know how important such a platform is, we want to bring to another level with a new re-launch. will soon become not only a platform, but also a high quality portal where you - in addition to its existing high quality community - can find fresh content plus new blogs and bloggers.
    We are aware that you all waited for good improvements, a new great time is coming for - we will continue to keep you in the loop on the latest developments and can´t wait for your feedbacks!

    Best regards,
    Marc Marienfeld
    CEO, Populis GMBH

  • slow comments

    Dear Bloggers,

    because we always get complaints from bloggers about "slow comments",we checked it again, hoping to have identified a large performance blocker. Currently a new version of the process is online, without this bug.

    If you are those who have problems with writing comments, please get in touch with us for a quick feedback and let us know if it is working better now.


  • new filters remove over 1,000 spammers

    Dear BCUK users,

    Almost three weeks ago, we set up a new generation of spam filters on all blog platforms. So far, these new filters helped us to remove over 1,000 spammers from the network. But we won't stop here:

    We are currently extending these filters to additional parts of the blog platforms to reduce all forms of spam. Furthermore, we are developing an additional spam-blocker, which will deny spammers access to the platforms before they can even join.

    We would like to thank you for all your help so far in fighting spam on all blog platforms, and we invite you to notify us of spammers by contacting us with their URL at

    Many best regards,


  • subscriptions to blogs

    Dear community,

    Recently, we made some changes on email subscriptions to blogs. Prior to these changes only verified email addresses were displayed. However, this led to problems in cases where verification emails had been lost and no second verification could be sent. To overcome this issue, we have now enabled you to delete an email address whenever the verification email is lost or no longer available.


  • Additional database server for

    Our new database server will undergo another stress test tonight to check for problems with high data volumes. If the test turns out successful, we will move the first web server - one you as a user work on - to the new database server.

    If, by Monday, everything is still running smoothly, all user servers will be moved onto the new database server as well.

    However, some issues might remain. In particular ones concerning so called 'slow queries' - database queries that take longer than 1 second. As these issues are coordinated by our office in Italy, we cannot yet give you a clear indication of when these will be solved.

  • now deployed

    We have now deployed a tool that "learns" to tell spam posts from non-spam posts. However, this tool still requires manual fine-tuning (which will be an ongoing task in the future) - only if the tool has learned enough to reach a certain level of accuracy in telling real posts from spam, the automated processes can kick in.

    To learn more about the details of the spam review process and the timeframes involved, we would encourage you to contact our support at

  • spam

    Hello dear community,

    we are currently working on improving the spam filter for comments. Once optimisation on the filter is finalised, blogs should show noticeably less spam. Moreover, a new extension feature for platform registration will be implemented. However, performance should already improve due to the first measures taken.

    We look forward to receiving your feedback.

    Kind regards,

  • news.

    Hello dear community,

    Yesterday, some changes have been made to the privacy policy on

    These changes are concerned with the use of Google Analytics, which was implemented some time ago. In future, in order to improve data protection, all IPs recorded by Google Analytics for our platform, will be made anonymous.

    You will find more information on this tool and an opt-out option in our privacy policy.

    Furthermore, we have implemented a spam filter which is currently being tested. Once these tests have been completed and the spam filter is optimized for our and your needs, spammy comments from unregistered users can be quickly filtered out and blocked altogether.

    Kind regards,

  • bugfixes today

    Dear bloggers,
    today, we will implement a new release with more bugfixes. Here is a brief overview of what has changed.

    1. My-Page

    The much-discussed, pre-selected tab on the My-Page will be replaced once more with the tab "friend posts", regardless of whether this list is empty or not. Contrary to speculation, which ranged from simple "making money" to "conspiracy", the reason for the change was just a simple script error, which has now been fixed.

    2. Special characters and umlauts in Tweets

    A recent Twitter update has enabled umlauts (ä,ö,ü etc.) and special characters to be carried over as UTF-8, so that they are now displayed correctly. Previously, the umlauts and special characters were coded as HTML entities.

    3. Group membership

    Previously, a bug in the system prevented it to invite users to a group if they had previously requested to join the same group. The same bug also caused problems for group owners who wanted to re-send an invitation to users who had already deleted their group invitation email. We have now set up a separation between invitations and requests to join groups, which will fix these issues.

    4. Blog subscriptions

    Until now, the same problem also applied to users who wanted to subscribe to a blog, but had deleted the original verification email, because neither subscriber nor owner of the blog had the option to create a second verification link. The recent update gives blog owners access to all subscriptions so that unverified subscriptions can be deleted, allowing users to re-send their subscription request.

    5. Calendar Widget

    A bug in the calendar widget has caused certian data to be highlighted in posts of friends to which users had no direct access. This bug has been fixed so that the widget will only highlight only those days on which a post was also written for the viewer.

    6. Multiple links from tags

    All pages that have displayed results for a search based on a combination of tags were completely removed from the system, because they created a high workload for our database. Since it seems that this option was only used by bots, we have decided to go ahead with this step and hope that it will help to speed up database processes in the future.

    7. Media posts

    The list of posts containing a picture or other media has been limited to ten. We have also applied some design changes.

    8. Guest comments

    We have increased the restictions for the e-mail address of guest comments


  • update

    Dear Bloggers,

    Here is an update on the new improvements on the My-Page: Most importantly, are now using asynchronous loading of certain page elements, which will result in significant performance boosts. We have also completed the implementation of the first stage of technical improvements to speed up the comment function. As a next step, we are planning to upgrade our servers, and we will keep you posted on this project.

    We are also considering to completely remove the „Notes“ function and the „My Media“ box, but we want to involve you in the decision process. Please let us know what you think about this idea by contacting us at


  • slow performance

    Dear Bloggers,

    In the previous weeks we received feedback from the community regarding the load times. We want to thank you for letting us know about this issue and would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

    We are aware that the long load times have a negative effect on usability, which is always a top-priority for us. Please rest assured that we have committed all necessary resources to resolve this issue as soon as possible. At the same time, we ask you for your patience while we are working on the complex task of optimizing our database structures.

    As a first response to your feedback, we have implemented the following measures, which will already help to speed up the load times:

    • Image scaling has been transferred to Image-Magick, which limits the framerate for .gif images to 120 to save resources
    • Large portions of the profile page are now being cached
    • Spider and spam-bots will be routinely blocked
    • Blog or commentary spammers will be deleted daily
    • Our tables will be optimized on a regular basis

    Apart from these initial steps, we are working on the following action points:

    • We will employ a more powerful database server
    • We will optimize our statistics table
    • We will work on optimizing our spam filters

    With these concrete steps, we will improve load times and ensure a better user experience for you. In the meantime, you can help us by reporting slow sites and lags in email notifications to our support team.

    Many best regards,

    Your team

  • Rebranding

    Dear bloggers,

    last September, mokono and became a subsidiary of Populis. We want to reflect this exciting step in our communication as well, and will therefore update our logo on all pages today.

    This change does not affect the services we are offering to you: and your account remain unchanged. The integration of into the Populis portfolio is another step that strengthens its position as an international portal for information and entertainment. In addition to this, our growing team will work on extending our services to you.

    Naturally, we will keep you posted on all of these updates. We are looking forward to your feedback!

    your BCUK team


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